PP a photo into a piece of ART

This is after i done PP

This is original photo

Today i so boring at home and nothing to do. Open my computer, looking a old photo and PP it. Trying to do something crazy and new, turn a photo into a piece of ART....Hope u all like it...

Bon Odori Candid Shot

Here some candid shots during Bon Odori

Bon Odori

Bon Odori Festival is a Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families. Traditional dance is performed to entertain the spirits of the ancestors. Last year, Bon Odori attracted around 50,000 locals and tourists.

For better version please visit my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alpha200/sets/72157621722423922/

St Anne Church Part 2

St Anne Church

Recently i visited St Anne Church again.....
I took a few shoots and would like to share it here...Hope you all enjoy it